Program History

Launched in December, 2004, the Access 2 Card program seeks to help businesses provide quality customer service to customers with disabilities. Through the program, people with
disabilities who require a support person carry a personal Access 2 Card with them. The card indicates to the ticket seller that the individual does indeed require the support of an attendant.

The card provides free admission (or a substantial discount) for the support person at all participating entertainment venues. The person with the disability pays the regular admission fee.

Many people with disabilities require the assistance of a support person to help them with daily activities. Over the years, different ticketed venues have had varying policies on admission fees for someone acting as a support person. Often it ended up being left to an employee at the ticket counter to determine the validity of someone’s disability, their need for an attendant, and the discount – if any.

Recreation and leisure activities are an important component of good health and well-being. Through education, businesses have begun to recognize that there are special needs for their customers with disabilities and that it’s necessary to accommodate them in order to provide the best possible customer service. This makes a big difference to the community.

In order to obtain a card, an application form must be submitted by a person with a disability who requires the assistance of a support person. The application must be authorized by a registered health care or disability service provider.

Easter Seals Canada administers the application and delivery of the card.

We thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing funds to partially support the administration of The Access 2 Card Program.
The Access 2 Card is an Easter Seals Canada program.