Why is this program important?

The Access 2 program’s mission is two-fold—to increase the number of opportunities for recreation and leisure for individuals with disabilities, and to offer an easy solution for venues to provide accessible customer service to patrons who require the assistance of a support person. The Access 2 program:

  • Is cross-disability and all-ages
  • Provides verification of need for an attendant and eliminates discussion of disability or need at the box office, increasing the ease of ticket purchase:
  • Eases financial burden for individuals who need an attendant
  • Provides venues with a turnkey solution for customers who require an attendant
  • Provides venues with support and training information for good customer service for people with disabilities

The Access 2 program verifies the need for an attendant through an application process and provides all verified applicants with a personalized card. When presented at attractions, the Access 2 card signals the need for a support person, which eliminates the need for a discussion at the box office, making the purchasing of tickets easy for both cardholders and venues.

The card eases financial burden on individuals who require the assistance of a support person by allowing them to pay a single entrance fee instead of a second admission for a support person. The ultimate goal of the Access 2 program is to have all venues in Canada allow for free admission for a support person through outreach and support to venues while maintaining a high level of customer service for our cardholders and applicants.

We thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing funds to partially support the administration of The Access 2 Card Program.
The Access 2 Card is an Easter Seals Canada program.